17u/18u Texas Premier PBR Series


We’re excited to announce a partnership with Prep Baseball Report (PBR) for three Texas Premier events in 2019! The 17u/18u Texas Premier PBR Series will take place at the The Ranch in Franklin, TX, on July 11-14, 2019. Texas Premier organizations and other registered teams will each play five (5) games over the 4-day event. The format will consist of pool play on days 1-3, followed by bracket play on the final day (Sunday). The cost of this event is $1375.

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Prep Baseball Report is one of the country’s largest and most respected independent scouting services. Teams and players that attend one of our PBR-covered events will receive additional exposure only PBR can provide, helping these players move to the next level. PBR will provide team and player previews leading up to the event, social media coverage and daily scouting recaps during the event and post-event scouting recap highlighting the weekend’s top prospects. Register now before spots are gone!


  1. Austin Wings (Black)

  2. Austin Wings (Red)

  3. Beaumont Gladiators (17u)

  4. Dallas Mustangs (16u Alexander)

  5. Dallas Mustangs (16u Green)

  6. Dallas Mustangs (18u Carpenter)

  7. Dialed In Baseball (17u)

  8. Dynasty (15u)

  9. Dynasty (16u)

  10. Elite Baseball Academy (16u)

  11. Ft. Worth Cats (16u)

  12. Houston KC (Blue)

  13. Houston Warriors

  14. Next Level Hurricanes (16u)

  15. PBA Stars (17u Navy)

  16. PBA Stars (17u White)

  17. R&L Sports

  18. Rake City (16u)

  19. Rake City (17u)

  20. SA Missions HackShack (17u)

  21. South Texas Sliders (16u Navy)

  22. South Texas Sliders (17u Lynch)

  23. TEST Baseball (15u)

  24. TEST Baseball (16u)

  25. Texas Twelve (16u Silver)

  26. Texas Twelve (17u Gold)

  27. Texas Twelve (17u Silver)

  28. T.H.A. Stix (16u Blakely)

2018 Tournament Champions and Individual Honors



18u Division
Allen Baseball

16u Division
Twelve (16u White)


18u Division
Brody Szako - Allen Baseball

16u Division
Michael St. Martin - Twelve (16u White)


18u Division
Rudy Ibarra - Twelve (17u White)

16u Division
Michael St. Martin - Twelve (16u White)


18u Division
Micah Burke - Dallas Mustangs

16u Division
Ryan Garcia - Twelve (Gold)

All-Tournament Team

Allen Baseball - Bryce Putnam
Allen Baseball - Corey Shultz
Allen Baseball - Brody Szako
Allen Baseball - Brett Vasquez
Austin Wings (Red) - Jack Beiter
Austin Wings (Red) - Brock Latuff
Austin Wings (Red) - Fischer Wunsch
Austin Wings (Black) - Wesley Conquest
Austin Wings (Black) - Joseph Kolda
Austin Wings (Black) - Aaron McInvale
Austin Wings (Black) - Elliot Schwarzbach
Austin Wings (Black) - Zach Tjelmeland
Beaumont Gladiators - Jadon Fratus
Beaumont Gladiators - Ashton Frusha
Beaumont Gladiators - Carson Goldman
Dallas Mustangs - Judson Arrington
Dallas Mustangs - Micah Burke
Dallas Mustangs - Blaine Chapman
Dallas Mustangs - Steven Fink
Houston Warriors (17u) - Connor Kolb
Houston Warriors (17u) - Dylan Blair
Houston Warriors (16u) - Christopher Bowden
Twelve (17u White) - Mike Fordham
Twelve (17u White) - Rudy Ibarra
Twelve (17u White) - Kyle Sonduck
Twelve (16u White) - Justin Harris
Twelve (16u White) - Michael St. Martin
Twelve (16u White) - Peyton Peterson
Twelve (16u White) - Connor Syzdez
Twelve (Gold) - Chase Albright
Twelve (Gold) - Ryan Garcia
Twelve (Gold) - Cody Sims
Round Rock Express (18u) - Luke Almendarez
Round Rock Express (18u) - Collin Taylor
Round Rock Express (18u) - Kellan Vanschalwyk
Round Rock Express (16u) - Luke Mullins
Round Rock Express (16u) - Cade O'Reilly
South Texas Sliders - Brayden Fessenden
South Texas Sliders - Zachary Lester
South Texas Sliders - JT Moeller

2017 Tournament Champions and Individual Honors


17u Division
Kyle Chapman (Blue)

16u Division
Dallas Mustangs (Kervin)

MOST outstanding hitter

17u Division
Caston Peter (Kyle Chapman)

16u Division
Kellan Landstad (Dallas Mustangs)

MOST oustanding pitcher

17u Division
Shane Mejia (Waco Storm)

16u Division
Mauro Bustamante (USA Baseball Xtreme)


Austin Slam (16u) - Zechariah Rosales
Austin Slam (16u) - Brandon Valle
Austin Slam (16u) - Cornel Wilson
Austin Wings (Soph Red) - Virgil Anchondo
Austin Wings (Soph Red) - Drew Boy
Austin Wings (Soph Red) - Seth Werchan
Dallas Mustangs (17u Stites) - Elijah Westover
Dallas Mustangs (16u Kervin) - Nick Clift
Dallas Mustangs (16u Kervin) - Kellan Landstad
Dallas Mustangs (16u Kervin) - Cade McCollum
Dynasty (17u) - Ben Cegelski
Houston Warriors (17u Silver) - Alejandro Garcia
Kyle Chapman (17u Blue) - Chi Horne
Kyle Chapman (17u Blue) - Caston Peter
Ray Hammond (16u Hammond) - Kenneth Dutka
Ray Hammond (16u Drake) - Blake Perry
Ray Hammond (16u Drake) - Jeremy Yurcak
Spring Spirit Toros (16u) - Julian Puga
Team Cintron (17u) - Javan Smitherman
Team Cintron (17u) - Casen White
Twelve (17u Black) - Gavin LaBruyere
Twelve (17u Black) - Noah Serafin
Twelve (16u Grey) - Rudy Ibarra
Twelve (16u Grey) - Nathan Nance
Twelve (16u Maroon) - Benjamin Holbert
Twelve (16u Maroon) - Marshal Jonas
Twelve (16u Maroon) - Austin Teel
USA Baseball XTreme (16u Cantu) - Mauro Bustamante
USA Baseball XTreme (16u Cantu) - Mark Kwasna
USA Baseball XTreme (16u Cantu) - Isaac Longoria
USA Baseball XTreme (17u Camacho) - Jordan Thompson
USA Baseball XTreme (17u Camacho) - Jeremy Thompson
Waco Storm (17u Angels) - Jaiden Beck
Waco Storm (17u Angels) - Jared Lorenz
Waco Storm (17u Angels) - Shane Mejia
Waco Storm (16u Marlins) - Cole Shivers
Waco Storm (16u Marlins) - Noah Solis