We are pleased to announce that the 2020 17u West Championship will again take place in Albuquerque, NM, at the Albuquerque Regional Sports Complex on July 22-26, 2020. Teams will play a minimum of six games over 4-5 days. The format consists of a Round 1 of pool play on Days 1 and 2, followed by a reseed and Round 2 of pool play on Days 3 and 4. Bracket play will make up the final two days (Saturday and Sunday). Early registration is $2195 per team (due by March 31, 2020) after which registration will increase to $2395. Note participating teams must stay in one of the host hotels (hotel accommodations TBA).

The Albuquerque Regional Sports Complex is one of the country’s newest and best baseball facilities. With five fully lit, 100% turf fields, on-site batting cages, and grandstand seating, the Albuquerque Regional Sports Complex was planned from the start to be a championship-level facility that would attract the best national tournaments.

2019 Tournament Champions and Honors




Houston KC


Austin Ochoa - Houston KC


Hunter Simmons - Arlington A’s (Acton)


Brandon Richardson - Houston KC


Will Walsh - Building Champions (M. Goodwin)


Albuquerque Baseball Academy - Diego Cortes
Albuquerque Baseball Academy - Darius Garcia
Albuquerque Baseball Academy - Hayden Walker
Allen Baseball - Carson Carpenter
Allen Baseball - Josh Ekness
Allen Baseball - Brody Szako
Arlington A's (Acton) - Hunter Simmons
Arlington A's (Acton) - JD Gregson
Arlington A's (Acton) - Ryan McCaskill
Arlington A's (Acton) - Hunter Simmons
Arlington A's (Acton) - Zachary Hudspeth
Arlington A's (Ashford) - Jaden Ard
Arlington A's (Ashford) - Dylan Mach
Arlington A's (Ashford) - Carter Mach
Arlington A's (Ashford) - Colton Spencer
Austin Wings - Cristian Villanueva
Austin Wings - Pierce Beckmann
Austin Wings - Aaron McInvale
Austin Wings - Tim Wolter
Bayside Yankees - Matt Cosgrove
Bayside Yankees - Michael Schock
Beaumont Gladiators - Kent Michael
Beaumont Gladiators - Carson Roccaforte
Beaumont Gladiators - Kadeon Evans
Building Champions (M. Goodwin) - Will Walsh
Building Champions (M. Goodwin) - Jake English
Building Champions (M. Goodwin) - Matt Miller
Building Champions (M. Goodwin) - Ross Lovich
Building Champions (M. Goodwin) - Grant Nicholson
Building Champions (S. Goodwin) - Shawn Marquis
Building Champions (S. Goodwin) - Will Hudler
Building Champions (S. Goodwin) - Jackson Mehlin
Building Champions (S. Goodwin) - Nicholas Nauser
C2 Baseball - Cody Hedspetch Jr.
C2 Baseball - Jonathan Cordaway
C2 Baseball - Ty Preston
C3 Futures - Carter Pool
C3 Futures - Asher Cameron
Cherry Creek Bruins - Cameron Yuran
Cherry Creek Bruins - Phil Hedlof
Dallas Mustangs (Randle) - Lane Fuentes
Dallas Mustangs (Randle) - Adam Byrd
Dallas Mustangs (Davis) - Bo Rogers
Dallas Mustangs (Davis) - Jeremy Kennard
Dynasty - Ethan Box
Dynasty - Cameron Noakes
Ft. Worth Cats - Toby Fuller
Ft. Worth Cats - Roman Thompson
Ft. Worth Cats - Trey Weldon
GameDay Angels - Brody Schnieder
GameDay Angels - Matt Hamilton
GameDay Angels - Hunter Graham
GameDay Angels - Jeremiah Tafoya
Gators Baseball - Ryan Markwardt
Gators Baseball - Jake Seglem
Gators Baseball - Luke Smith
Houston Heat - Connor Gilchrist
Houston Warriors - Kenneth Dutka
Houston Warriors - Tristan Perry
Houston Warriors - Trent Fuqua
Houston Warriors - Jacob Pappas
Houston KC - Austin Ochoa
Houston KC - Jacob Schoenvogel
Houston KC - Brandon Richardson
Houston KC - Tyler McClosky
Houston KC - Tanner Witt
Lobos Baseball - Randall "RJ" Carver
Lobos Baseball - George Alvarez
Lobos Baseball - Matthew Murach
Mac Elite - Austin Hall
Mac Elite - Ethan Silcox
Mac Elite - Damien Roddy
Next Level - Dawson Burton
Rio Grande - Demian Salcido
Slammers - Craig Kenny
Slammers - Caleb Woltz
South Texas Sliders - Jesse L. Herrera III
South Texas Sliders - Stanley Tucker
South Texas Sliders - Matthew Luna
South Texas Sliders - Cristian Holloway
Texas Republic Baseball - Jimmy Bolton
Texas Republic Baseball - Luis Cruz II
Texas Republic Baseball - Linner Wooten
Texas Twelve (Black) - Tyler Burnett
Texas Twelve (Black) - Evan Cameron
Texas Twelve (Black) - Jackson Brown
Texas Twelve (Black) - Drew Leach
Texas Twelve (Maroon) - Fabian Mayfield
Texas Twelve (Maroon) - Ben Dukes
Texas Twelve (Maroon) - Jack Riedel
Texas Twelve (Maroon) - Derek Berg
T.H.A. Stix - Cade Scott
T.H.A. Stix - Tanner Timms
T.H.A. Stix - Brennan Blaylock
Waco Storm - Jack Hamilton
Waco Storm - Lane Francis
Waco Storm - Trevor Glaser

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