14u Texas Premier State Championship

June 13-16, 2019 | schedule | Rules | accommodations | Fishing | Store

The 14u Texas Premier State Championship will take place at Franklin Ranch on June 13-16, 2019. Texas Premier organizations and other registered teams will each play five (5) games over the 4-day event. The format will consist of pool play on days 1-3, followed by bracket play on final day (Sunday). The cost of this event is $925 per team.


  1. Arlington A’s (Crabtree)

  2. Arlington A’s (Holman)

  3. Austin Wings (Black)

  4. Austin Wings (Red)

  5. C2 Baseball

  6. C3 Futures

  7. Dallas Mustangs (Clements)

  8. Dallas Mustangs (Hoffpauir Blue)

  9. Dallas Mustangs (Hoffpauir Red)

  10. Ft. Worth Cats (Black)

  11. Ft. Worth Cats (Gray)

  12. Ft. Worth Cats (White)

  13. Houston Warriors

  14. Next Level Hurricanes

  15. OKC Athletics

  16. South Texas Sliders (Orange)

  17. South Texas Sliders (RGV)

  18. South Texas Sliders (White)

  19. Synergy Baseball

  20. TEST Baseball

  21. Texas Stix (North)

  22. Texas Twelve (Gold)

  23. Texas Twelve (Grey)

  24. Texas Twelve (Maroon)

  25. Texas Twelve (Silver)

  26. Texas Twelve (White)

  27. Waco Midway

  28. Waco Storm

2018 Tournament Champions and Individual Honors

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TEST Baseball


Anthony Silva - TEST Baseball


Anthony Silva - TEST Baseball


Trey Acreman - Twelve (Maroon)


Arlington A's - Kutter Johnson
Arlington A's - Tyler Herron
Arlington A's - Evan Abrego
Austin Wings (Black) - Carter Heinrich
Austin Wings (Black) - Jackson Barnes
Austin Wings (Red) - Blake Coleman
Austin Wings (Smith) - Brody Miller
Austin Wings (Smith) - Jordan Malott
Austin Wings (Smith) - Blayne Fritcher
CPYL ATX Raiders - Joseph Rajo
CPYL ATX Raiders - Jasiya Demps
CPYL ATX Raiders - Seth Taylor
Ft. Worth Cats (Black) - Brock Zimmer
Ft. Worth Cats (Black) - Cooper Weeks
Ft. Worth Cats (Grey) - Caleb Tisdale
Ft. Worth Cats (Silver) - Garrett Graham
Ft. Worth Cats (Silver) - Trevor Miller
Ft. Worth Cats (White) - Carson Parham
Ft. Worth Cats (White) - Owen Proksch
Fort Worth Panthers - Damian Bravo
Houston C2 Select (Blue) - Noah Pate
Houston C2 Select (Blue) - Kade Reynolds
Houston C2 Select (Blue) - Tanner Calvo
Houston C2 Select (White) - Jacob Dugas
Houston C2 Select (White) - Blake Michalsky
Houston Heat - Adam Peavy
Houston Heat - Colt Erickson
South Texas Sliders (RGV) - Brandon Lee Ochoa
South Texas Sliders (Orange) - Will Canalichio
South Texas Sliders (Orange) - Thomas Lyssy
South Texas Sliders (White) - Kody Gibbs
South Texas Sliders (White) - Peter Garcia
TEST Baseball - Anthony Silva
TEST Baseball - Andre Poole
TEST Baseball - Rashawn Galloway
Twelve (Gold) - Andrew Berg
Twelve (Gold) - Austin Gasca
Twelve (Gold) - Jax Traeger
Twelve (Maroon) - Cade Warmke
Twelve (Maroon) - Ryland Urbanczyk
Twelve (Maroon) - Trey Acreman
Twelve (Silver) - Jackson Braun
Twelve (Silver) - J.T. Garza
Waco Storm - Brayden Faulkner
Waco Storm - JP Killough
Waco Storm - Kolby Killough

2017 Tournament Champions and Individual Honors

tournament CHAMPION

Texas Stix


Arlington A's - Devan Wong
Austin Wings Red - Trey Hanson
Austin Wings Black - Alec Grossman
Beaumont Gladiators - Brayden Edwards
Dynasy (Black) - Brandon Johnson
Dynasty (Blue) - Kasey Duplechin
Fort Worth Cats (Black) - Marcus Rodriguez
Fort Worth Cats (Silver) - Carson Parham
Houston C2 Select (Lampard) - Jose Vargas
Houston Heat - Hunter Mercer
South Texas Sliders (Horn) - Blake Pou
South Texas Sliders (Orange) - Jason Lazo
Texas Stix - Hudson White
Twelve (Black) - Easton Brenner
Twelve (Grey) - Walker Holzhausen
Twelve (Maroon) - Chanden Scamardo
Twelve (Silver) - Nash McMahon
Twelve (White) - Ashton Grissom